Vol 28 No 3 (2019): Nordic Journal of African Studies
Articles Linguistics

Clause structure, pro-drop and control in Wolof: an LFG/XLE perspective

Cheikh Bamba Dione
University of Bergen
Published December 31, 2019
  • computational grammar,
  • control,
  • LFG,
  • morphosyntax,
  • pro-drop,
  • Wolof
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This paper provides a formal description of the syntactic analysis of core constructions of Wolof clausal/verbal morphosyntax within the Lexical-Functional Grammar formalism. This includes the basic phrase structure, pro-drop, and control relations. The Wolof grammar is implemented in XLE and uses a cascade of finite-state transducers for morphological analysis and tokenization. This work is part of the ongoing process on building language resources and tools for Wolof, in particular a computational grammar.