NJAS has a new logo


The Nordic Journal of African Studies has a new logo! You can see versions of it at the top of the page, and here.

NJAS has been published entirely online since 2004, and now, more than thirty years after the journal’s inception, we are excited to unveil a new logo suitable for our dynamic online presence. The logo incorporates elements from the cover that has served us so well for thirty years, drawing on elements of its colour scheme and its geographically inspired visuals. 

The new logo emphasises the dynamic links and collaborations we aim to encourage and support between Africa and the Nordic Region (and, of course, the rest of the world). 

The logo was designed by Kiira Koivunen of Mene Creative, whose work we unreservedly recommend.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will gradually update the website and our social media presence to incorporate the new logo. We will also use the new logo in future published documents.

The historical cover of NJAS will remain visible on previously published issues.