NJAS awarded DOAJ Seal; new copyright policy coming up


We are pleased to announce that our journal has been awarded the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Seal. The seal indicates that our journal follows best practices in open-access publishing. Only about 10% of open-access journals receive the seal. We are proud to be at the forefront of open-access publishing.

In other open-access news, NJAS will be changing our standard article licenses starting with the third issue of 2023. Until this point, articles have been published with CC BY-NC (Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial) licenses.  We strongly support non-commercial publishing, but in practice, the Non-Commercial license has a lot of legal grey areas: for example, most social media sites are commercial enterprises. In addition, CC BY licenses, allowing for commercial use, are required as part of the Plan S open-access requirements.

Articles published to this point will retain the CC-BY NC license. In the future, if authors wish to have portions of their articles published with more restrictive licenses (e.g., original artwork), they can get in touch with the editorial team to work out a plan.

For all articles, past and future, commercial restrictions do not apply to the authors themselves, who hold the copyright to all their work and are free to re-use it in any context, as long as the  work is cited as having been originally published by NJAS.

We will add more information on the new copyright policy to the website soon.